Introducing 'Building a People-Powered Movement: The Webinar Series'

At AB Charities, we’re all about helping nonprofits fundraise better by building grassroots donor bases that bring more people into their cause and make their work more sustainable. We know that grassroots digital fundraising has the potential to revolutionize the way nonprofits work by enabling them to build people-powered movements that have the community and financial support to last for the long haul! That’s why we train nonprofits of all sizes on how to use AB Charities’ online fundraising platform and the strategy needed to engage with small-dollar donors.

Our team travels across the country, connecting with folks who are working hard to transform our communities, to give in-person trainings on digital fundraising strategies and our tools. In 2019, our trainings helped hundreds of nonprofits understand the power of small-dollar donors and how to sustain their fundraising for the long term. To continue that momentum into 2020, we’re doing something big — introducing Building a People-Powered Movement: The Webinar Series!

This series will tackle the most frequently asked questions we receive from nonprofit fundraisers and development professionals, giving you all the strategies and tools you need to run a small-dollar fundraising program! Each month, our online fundraising experts will show you how nonprofits of any size and digital skill level can use AB Charities’ fundraising platform to build more sustainable and inclusive organizations. From learning how to write authentic, effective fundraising emails to creating beautiful contribution forms that attract more supporters, this webinar series will help your nonprofit build a fundraising program that is ready for everything from rapid response to Giving Tuesday!

We’ll be holding our first webinar for nonprofits, Digital Fundraising 101, on Thursday, January 30 at 7:00 p.m. EST. During this session, AB Charities’ digital fundraising experts will teach you about the power of small-dollar donors and the best practices for starting and running your digital fundraising program. Sign up here to attend!

AB Charities' webinar begins on January 30, at 7pm EST

If you’re interested in learning more about Building a People-Powered Movement: The Webinar Series, check our Twitter account for updates or reach out to our training experts at!

This webinar series is just one of the many ways AB Charities is making sure that we’re meeting our users where they’re at and sharing the tips and tricks we’ve learned with the folks that are working to advance progressive causes. If you’re interested in more resources, check out our support site and the rest of our blog!

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