Here at AB Charities, we’re focused on making it easy for small-dollar donors across the country to chip in to their favorite nonprofits online. We know digital fundraising brings more people into a cause and builds stronger organizations, so today we’re introducing a tool that we hope will make online giving more accessible than ever: A Spanish language option for contribution forms! This tool will switch the standard AB Charities-provided text on a form to Spanish in a single click.

More people than ever before are donating to nonprofits online, and as a nonprofit ourselves, we care about making sure our tools are accessible for this diverse group of grassroots donors. The goal of this feature is to create a cohesive giving experience for millions of Spanish speakers that is better than what a browser translation can offer. We worked with a translation agency and a panel of Spanish speakers within our organization to develop this tool holistically.

And in light of our current health crisis, it has never been more important for donors to be able to give easily and confidently and for organizations to be able to reach their communities online. We know many nonprofits are facing fundraising gaps due to cancelled events, and others are working around the clock to get vital resources to communities affected by COVID-19. We hope this tool will help organizers and donors as they adjust their daily lives and try to support their communities during these uncertain times.

Fundraisers can use this feature to create a user-friendly and unified form for Spanish-speaking supporters in a few simple steps: After writing your own donation ask in Spanish, just turn on the Spanish language option and publish your changes to finish! This tool is available to both AB Charities admins and grassroots organizers creating their own contribution forms, so anyone can rally their network for a good cause.

To find this new feature, head to the form editor and click on the “Form customization” tab. When you switch the language to Spanish, the standard AB Charities-provided text will be translated, and you’ll be able to see this change in real time!

ABC Form

AB Charities’ default text on the pop-up recurring message will also be translated. You can find a preview of the translated pop-up in the “Recurring settings” tab of the form editor!

To ensure fundraisers continue to have complete control over the customization of their forms, this tool will not translate any text a user writes on a contribution form or in a pop-up recurring message. And since the Spanish language option is currently limited to the form itself and the recurring pop-up, the AB Charities-provided language donors see on the thanks page after giving and in their email receipts will not be translated at this time.

As people look to make an impact from their homes and nonprofits continue to provide crucial services, we hope this tool will make it possible for more grassroots supporters to give to their favorite groups. Full instructions for using the Spanish language option can be found here. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our nonprofit experts – we are always happy to help!

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