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We know nonprofits are adjusting to an online-only world, so we’re working to make sure they have the tools they need to connect with supporters and small-dollar donors during this difficult time. It has never been more important for our organizations and communities to be able to come together online, which is why we’re excited to introduce a new distributed organizing tool: featured videos on contribution forms! This new feature will allow organizations to embed a large Facebook livestream, Facebook video, or YouTube video directly into their contribution forms.

It’s important to us to make it as easy as possible for you to invite your supporters in and create people-powered change. Whether you are moving your annual gala online, hosting a virtual auction, or have seen an influx of new supporters and volunteers who want to help with relief work, you can use this tool to create a digital meeting place where donors can engage with your organization and give easily and securely.

AB Featured Video Form

The goal of this tool is to make it possible for anyone to host a livestream or recorded event and raise grassroots donations at the same time — with no coding required and at no cost!

Fundraisers have always been able to embed a small YouTube video in the donation ask on an AB Charities contribution form. With this new tool, they can add a variety of video types to a contribution form — including livestreams! — and make the videos larger, so they are the focus of the form. Supporters will be able to watch the video and give at the same time, and after donating they will remain on the form so they can continue to watch! You don’t have to worry about losing viewers after they give, and supporters won’t miss a second of your event.

In times like these, when already vulnerable communities are now facing a dire threat and regular support networks and volunteer opportunities are no longer available, connection is more important than ever. We hope featured videos will help nonprofits stay in touch with the board members, supporters, and grassroots donors that keep them running.

Here’s how to get started:

This tool currently supports YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and Facebook livestreams! We know livestreams are vital while in-person fundraisers and events are no longer possible. And we intentionally designed this to enable users of all skill levels to meet the moment we are in: All you have to do is paste your video URL or embed code (for Facebook livestreams) in the “Title, ask, and URL” tab of the form editor. Then turn on the “Feature video” toggle and click “Publish” to finish!

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We also have an “Enable autoplay” option. Turn this on if you are using a livestream so that no matter when someone lands on your form, the video will be playing live!

Featured videos are currently available on regular contribution forms, including Tandem forms and community forms that anyone can make to fundraise for their favorite organizations! They are not available on event or merchandise forms at this time.

Like all of our features, this tool is automatically optimized for mobile. All other contribution form features, like the recurring pop-up, will work as normal with featured videos. And admins will still be able to choose if they want their form branding to use a stacked or wide layout. We recommend using the side-by-side (wide) layout with featured videos, so the donation block is to the right of the video! The form title will always appear above the video and the donation ask will always appear below the video when this is turned on.

A crisis always requires advocacy and organizing, and with this tool, community nonprofits and national organizations alike can get their message and donation asks out to supporters when funding is needed most. As a nonprofit ourselves, we want to help other nonprofits navigate COVID-19 so their crucial services and resources remain available during this difficult time. Check out the step-by-step instructions for using featured videos here, and if you have any questions about this tool or digital fundraising in general, sign up for a strategy call!

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