Welcome back to Grassroots Your Giving Season 2020! This year, we’re reposting some of our most helpful tips and tricks that will help you engage your community of small-dollar donors and give your end-of-year fundraising a boost. Between a presidential transition and the COVID-19 pandemic, we know Giving Tuesday will look different this year! But now more than ever, small-dollar donors want to take action and make change in their communities. Make sure you have a contribution form ready that makes it easy to donate to your cause! Read on to learn about some of the most impactful tools AB Charities has to offer.

In less than a month, you’ll be inviting a bunch of folks to join your movement and invest in your cause. With excited donors making a beeline for your contribution form on Giving Tuesday and all through this giving season, update your form so you’re taking full advantage of AB Charities and folks can give as easily as possible!

We put together a checklist with six high-impact customizations you should make on your form. Found right in your AB Charities form editor, these quick customizations will make all the difference in empowering donors to give now and support you past giving season. Take a few minutes to make these final touches, and you’ll be ready to send your form to grassroots supporters taking action this Giving Tuesday!

Checklist for sharpening your contribution form

1. Title and donation ask:

  • Personalize the text on your form. Keep the messaging simple and motivational, asking your supporters to chip in as key members of your community and drivers of your cause!

2. Branding:

  • Use our branding editor to design a special form branding for Giving Tuesday that looks different from your other forms! Through design, you can emphasize giving season as a unique, exciting moment for your cause and inspire folks to click the donate button!

  • A great form branding can be as simple as customizing your form’s header image. Try designing a special header image that matches your giving season theme as seen on Grist’s form!

3. Remarketing:

  • Our remarketing feature sends a reminder email encouraging supporters to finish their incomplete donations.

  • Personalize the text in this email to emphasize to folks one last time why their year-end donation is so important in making sure your work continues!

4. Post-donation upsells:

  • Turn on Smart Boost to ask donors to increase their impact and add to their original donation during this vital fundraising moment for your organization.

  • The Smart Boost upsell gives donors the option to double their contribution or increase it by a smaller amount than the amount they just gave!

  • If you’re focusing on building your recurring program during this giving season, we recommend enabling Smart Options or Smart Suggestion in the “Recurring settings” tab.

  • These recurring upsells base the recurring ask amount on the donor’s one-time donation amount — allowing you to meet your supporters where they’re at.

5. Thanks message and email receipts:

  • Recognize and value your donors by customizing the thank you text included in email receipts that are automatically sent to your donors! Explain how end-of-year gifts like theirs will make a lasting difference for your nonprofit.

  • Don’t forget: In the “Branding” tab of your Dashboard menu, you can customize the design of email receipts sent to donors, like adding your logo as the receipt’s header image.

6. Social share:

  • Finally, customize your form’s social share! This is the image and text that automatically appears on Twitter or Facebook when supporters share your form’s link. With folks excited to share their giving season support, it’s important that your social share stands out, matches your messaging, and invites more folks to give!

Now is the time to get your form ready for your giving season fundraising asks. With this checklist, you can update and sharpen your AB Charities form in minutes so you can convert more donors! Here’s where the customizations you need live in your form editor:

New form editor 2, with numbers marking which customization is in which tab of the form editor

Interested in diving deeper into form customizations or any other AB Charities tools? Our team of nonprofit fundraising experts is here to help!

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