Here at AB Charities, we’re passionate about making it easy and effective to give online, so donors looking to make an impact can fuel people-powered change across the country. And as admins on our platform, you know that every dollar counts! That’s why we make it easy for donors to give on any device or browser for no cost to you.

All of our saved payment and digital wallet options come standard for all users! This means you can focus on your important work, and you don’t have to worry about integrating or paying for different payment methods. In Q1 2021, over 70% of contributions made on our platform used one of the payment methods below!

ActBlue Express: Our most popular payment method is ActBlue Express, and for good reason — millions of donors securely save their payment and personal information with us so they can give to any group that uses our platform in a single click. Plus, once a donor creates an ActBlue Express account, they can easily give again and continue to engage with your work long after their first contribution.

Google Pay™: If your donors have already created a Google Pay account by saving a payment method on an Android device, using Chrome autofill, or saving a credit card to pay for a Google-owned service, they can use their Google Pay account to give through ActBlue! We offer this digital wallet option to anyone who is signed in to their Google account and has a payment method on file with Google Pay.

Apple Pay®: Apple Pay is available on AB Charities forms when donors are using Safari and have the feature set up on their personal device, whether that be an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or newer Mac laptop! With over 55% of contributions in Q1 2021 coming from a mobile device, having Apple Pay in your payment method lineup is crucial.

PayPal™: PayPal is more than a digital wallet option like Google Pay and Apple Pay: Donors can actually save their PayPal information to their ActBlue Express account in addition to using it to give on any AB Charities contribution form!

Using AB Charities, donors can support your work across multiple devices from anywhere, from their commute to the couch. If you have any questions for our team about payment methods, email or reach out to your AB Charities contact!

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