This Giving Season, you set up a monthly recurring donation to your favorite charity. Your donation will help make impactful changes in your community. Let’s take a look at what you’ve made possible! 

Giving Season (November-December)

It’s the holiday season, and the giving spirit is in the air. Thanks to donations like yours, organizations are able to open food kitchens, host toy drives, and provide coats and warm gear for families in need this winter.

New Year, New Starts (January-April)

As we prepare for the new year, so are our local charities! This means bringing on new staff members such as tutors for after-school programs and office workers to help with building upkeep. Your recurring donation has made it possible for them to plan a jam-packed year of beneficial programs and events.

Summertime Schedules (May-July)

Summer is in full swing and organizations have their program lineup packed. From summer camps and literacy programs to community cookouts for summer holidays, your donation made it all possible!

Back To School (August-October)

At its last stop for the year, your donation is heading to school! You’ll start to see groups in your area giving out school supplies for students and scholarships for college-bound students, as well as opening mobile clinics providing flu shots, Covid vaccine boosters, and other medical check-ups families need for back-to-school season!

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