After you’ve worked hard on writing and sending a great fundraising email that builds horizontal relationships with your supporters, you deserve to celebrate! Make your email send fun by bringing what we call a “pinger” sound into the mix!

A pinger is a sound you can set to play in your AB Charities Dashboard every time you receive a donation. Any organization that uses AB Charities can add some extra excitement to fundraising with this feature! To pick a pinger, just scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard Overview. You’ll see a blue bar across the page and a dropdown menu like this:


Select a sound from the dropdown and just keep that page open. Each time you get a donation, the sound will play! And if there is a sound you and your team really love, email us at or tweet us at @AB_Charities, and if we have the time and capacity, we can make you a custom pinger!

Here are some custom pingers we’ve already created that anyone can try:

“Baby Shark”


“A Star is Born”




To use a custom pinger, just attach the URL parameter — the phrase that starts with a question mark and ends with a sound file, like .mp3 — to the end of your AB Charities Dashboard web address, like this:

To turn off a pinger that you selected in our dropdown menu, simply refresh your Dashboard page. To stop a custom pinger that you added via a URL parameter, delete everything after “dashboard/” in your Dashboard’s web address.

We hope this feature will brighten your day — happy fundraising!

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