We’re always striving to make online giving as accessible as possible for grassroots donors and the nonprofits they love. As part of this, we actively engage with the organizations fundraising on our platform to see what tools would help them fundraise better! After talking to many groups, we’re proud to introduce a new feature for nonprofits using AB Charities: embeddable contribution forms and buttons!

By embedding a contribution form or donation buttons in your nonprofit’s website, donors will remain on your website after giving, and you will be able to take advantage of our saved payment universe of more than 9 million donors! If a donor who has saved their payment with us lands on your site, their information will be prefilled directly in the embed on your webpage.


These embeddable objects will help you expand the ladder of engagement: By keeping donors on your site instead of sending them to a standalone contribution form, you’ll have more opportunities to engage with them after they give. It will be easier for supporters to learn more about your organization and take additional actions on your site, like signing up to volunteer!

We also hope this tool will help nonprofits of all sizes as they adjust to operating in an online-only world. Community organizations and human services are more important than ever in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and embeddable forms and buttons make digital fundraising and organizing easier by keeping supporters in one place.

How it works:

Embeddable forms are contribution forms that are inserted directly into your webpage. The entire donation process takes place within the embeddable form on your site, and if a donor has saved their payment with us, they will be able to give in a single click because their information will be prefilled in the form! Embeddable buttons are donate buttons you can insert into your webpage that launch a pop-up modal where the remainder of the contribution takes place. Embeddable buttons are a great option when your webpage has limited space, like in a navigation bar, menu, or hero area.

All three steps of the donation flow — contribution amount, donor details, and payment information — will occur within the embed! Donors will also be able to give with PayPal™ in an embed, just like with regular contribution forms. And you can use our Spanish language option to switch all of the AB Charities-provided text in an embeddable form or an embeddable button’s pop-up modal to Spanish! Because embeddable forms and buttons live in your website, other customization options for a regular contribution form do not apply, including titles and donation asks, pop-up recurring asks, smart recurring, thanks page content, social share, goal thermometers, or brandings.

We designed these embeddable forms and buttons to be as simple to use as possible. The only technical knowledge you need to use them is a way to edit your webpage’s source code:

    1. Go to your Dashboard Overview and in the “Create form” dropdown, select “Embed form”.
    2. You’ll be brought to a contribution form with a special form editor menu open on the left.
    3. In the “Embed Generator” tab, enter the secure URL of the website where you want your embeddable object to live. Click the “Publish” button to continue.
    4. Then choose whether you want to embed a form or buttons in your website!
    5. Select the “Generate Embed” button to get the code for your form or button.
    6. Copy and paste your code into your website’s source code!

Detailed instructions for using this tool can be found here! You can easily customize the donation amounts for both embeddable forms and buttons in the form editor. You can also change the color and text for embeddable buttons!

We believe that small-dollar donors can revolutionize nonprofit fundraising because they invest in issues they care about for the long haul. It’s crucial to recognize this as we navigate the current health crisis: Your grassroots supporters want to help you make a difference now more than ever! And you can give them the opportunity to take action every time they land on your site with these tools.

If you want help setting up an embed, are new to digital fundraising, or want to talk strategy for fundraising during COVID-19, set up a call with us!

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