Nonprofits of all sizes have access to impactful peer-to-peer fundraising tools on AB Charities! Peer-to-peer programs help supporters grow into fundraisers and give volunteers a way to directly boost your cause from their homes. Our supporter forms make peer-to-peer fundraising faster and easier for your champions as they mobilize their families and friends around your work when it matters most. With all of the online fundraising happening around the country to support front line workers, as well as protestors and groups fighting systemic racism, it’s clear that people are looking for new organizations to support. This means peer-to-peer fundraising asks are more powerful than ever, because folks are more likely to trust groups that their friends and colleagues support.

Supporter forms give your organization the power to set up the contribution form’s design (branding), title, and donation ask, so your advocates can quickly clone the form and begin peer-to-peer fundraising right away! Here’s how you can start using these forms today and give your community (and board!) the tools it needs to amplify and fundraise for work it cares about.

Amplify Your Work To Fill Fundraising Gaps

We know fundraising is critical right now, and traditional sources of revenue might be falling through. Your advocates are looking to act: Use supporter forms to give them the tools to personally ask their family, friends, and coworkers to chip in to important work.

Once you’ve customized your supporter forms, all supporters have to do to begin peer-to-peer fundraising with their own copy of the form is type a unique web address and click “Get Started!”:


If supporters want to personalize their form and make it their own, they can choose to edit your title and ask before clicking “Get Started”! Here’s what the supporter form from above looks like if your volunteer clicks “Get Started” without making any edits to the text:


Cater To Big Fundraising Moments

Supporter forms are perfect for big fundraising days when your advocates will be most motivated to ask their own networks to give. If your organization’s 10 year anniversary is coming up, create a special branding and write copy to highlight that milestone. And think about other important moments for your nonprofit: days of advocacy wins; relevant holidays or celebrations, like Pride Month; Giving Tuesday; or urgent times of need, like responding to COVID-19.

For example, National Bail Out made a supporter form template for their “poem a day” fundraiser in May, with the logo of the nonprofit at the top and a fundraising ask that includes statistics about incarceration and an explanation of why donations are important (the first paragraph in the image below). A supporter wrote the second paragraph to add a personal touch:


Make Fundraising Easy For Your Board

Lean into supporter forms to make peer-to-peer fundraising extra easy for your board members! You can go ahead and make each board member a complete supporter form by writing the unique web address for them and clicking the “Get Started” button. Generate as many forms as you need, then give each board member their form’s web address to share. This way, board members can tap into their networks when a goal needs to be met quickly, like a relief fund.

Tips To Give Your Peer-To-Peer Fundraisers

    1. Encourage your peer-to-peer fundraisers to cast a wide net and make their fundraising ask personal when they can. Do they have friends who really care about a specific issue? Your fundraisers can connect the passions of their network to your organization!
    2. Your supporters should send fundraising emails that are informal, personal, and urgent! Encourage fundraisers to include their own stories about your cause and then link their supporter forms in the ask.
    3. Give your fundraisers a deadline to motivate them around a collective goal!
    4. Detailed instructions for your advocates using these forms can be found here!

You can find all of your supporter forms by going to the Contribution Forms page of your Dashboard and clicking on the “Supporter Forms” tab. Here, you can see the date a form was created, the email address of the creator, the number of contributions made, and the dollars raised on that form!

Use the creator email addresses to thank all of your supporters for their peer-to-peer fundraising! And don’t forget to think about how to welcome your new donors who gave via their supporter forms. You can send new donors a welcome email thanking them for their support, giving them more information about what your nonprofit does, and explaining why grassroots donations are the key to it all. Eager to put supporter forms into practice but need some more guidance? Our team of nonprofit fundraising experts is happy to help and talk about digital strategy that works for you!

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