Essential recurring tools for your fundraising goals

Donors who contribute on a monthly basis are the backbone of nonprofits and sustainable fundraising programs. These recurring donations have proved to be vital to meeting budgets and extending relief, expanding digital programs, and offering aid to communities all over the country. 

Whether you’re looking to turn your one-time donors into sustainers, just stepping into the world of digital donor development, or looking to boost your existing recurring program, we have the data-driven tools you need!

Looking to expand your community of sustainers?

Our Smart Options recurring pop-up is a great strategy regardless of where you are in your donor cultivation plan! You can find this option, along with our other recurring upsells and tools, in the “Recurring settings” tab of the form editor. After a one-time donation is processed, a pop-up suggesting multiple options for monthly donation amounts will be displayed, plus an option to set a custom amount.

A Smart Options recurring pop-up suggesting a $5/month, $6/month, or custom monthly recurring donation.

By using this data-driven tool, you’re meeting your community where they’re at by asking your supporters to get involved in a way that works for them.

Want to explain what your donors’ monthly support makes possible?

Try our recurring pitch tool with a customized message telling your donors exactly why a monthly donation is the best way to support your organization right now. Your community wants to step up for your group – let them know how they can help!

A custom recurring pitch on a contribution form that reads: "Did you know a monthly contribution is the best way to support our work? Make your donation recurring today!"

Want to engage your Spanish-speaking supporters?

Make sure your materials are accessible to the diverse communities you’re serving. In the “Form customization” tab of the form editor, you can change all the standard AB Charities-provided text on any of your contribution forms to Spanish with a single click — including the default copy in our recurring pop-ups! If you have the time, we recommend writing your own custom text in Spanish so you can explain why you need your supporters to pitch in right now. We’ll take care of the rest!

Want to find a way to say an extra ‘thank you’ to your donors?

Take your recurring program up a notch and expand your community of monthly sustainers by adding a recurring incentive to your form. We give you the option to offer a free gift to new recurring donors as another way to boost your donor development strategy! Plus, these donors can enter their shipping information right on the form for a hassle-free experience.

A recurring incentive on a contribution form offering a free sticker for monthly donors.

Want to learn more about how to use our recurring tools from the experts? Email today and an AB Charities digital fundraising pro will reach out with answers.

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