Most money raised online comes from the inbox, so why not resolve to polish up your email program in the new year? Whether you’re experienced in the email fundraising game or just starting out, we’re here to help you figure out what to do right now to boost your email program and meet your small-dollar donors where they’re at!

Invest in your relationships

Take a look at your last couple fundraising emails: Would you enjoy receiving them as a potential donor? Do they speak to your supporters as partners in the work? Your donors are part of the community and the solution!

Building horizontal relationships means you’re working hand-in-hand with your community rather than directing them. It helps center the grassroots in your work and clears a path for strong donor engagement. Learn how to build horizontal relationships in your fundraising ask to build mutual respect and accountability.

Get ready for your moment

Rapid response is a strategy you can use to quickly respond to an event that affects your community or issue area, like being mentioned in the news or an urgent local crisis. When your cause is in the spotlight, be ready to help people take action! Create a plan to give small-dollar donors a clear path to invest in your work during those unexpected moments.

Map your donor journey

Regardless of team size or budget, map and consider your donors’ experience, from initial fundraising email to receipt. What parts of your email program could you grow or improve? Ask your team: Does anyone have ideas for reworking your thank you emails? Or if you had room in the budget, would you rather upgrade your email service provider or try an additional vendor? Take this opportunity to brainstorm!

If your program is small or just starting out, make sure you have the essential components. Teams with more capacity could explore growing your email list or refreshing the language in your AB Charities “thank you” receipts.

Check out our email strategy resources for even more tactics to try now, and schedule a call with us to get support! We’d love to chat about how to strategically incorporate our tools into your fundraising program to help you find success.

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