Welcome back to Grassroots Your Giving Season, our annual AB Charities guide to empowering donors online and making both your end-of-year fundraising and your long-term grassroots giving program the best that they can be! This year, we’re sharing some of our most helpful tips and tricks that will help you engage your community of small-dollar donors and set your organization up for success.

November is here, and you know what that means: Giving Tuesday is approaching! November 30th will be one of the biggest fundraising days of the whole year, and it’s also a great opportunity to bring your donors up the ladder of engagement and ask for recurring donations. Recurring donations have a huge long-term impact on your organization – they can help you budget out into the future, provide more money in the long run to support your goals, and reflect your dedicated base of supporters.

Plus, giving your supporters the opportunity to give recurring contributions rather than larger one-time donations on Giving Tuesday is a way to meet your donors where they’re at right now. Since many people want to make a big charitable impact at this time of year, asking for recurring donations, which can support your organization into 2022 (and beyond), helps meet both your donors’ goals and your own.

AB Charities makes it simple and easy to add asking for recurring donations to your Giving Tuesday schedule. By default, your donors will see a pop-up after giving a one-time contribution which suggests multiple lower monthly donation amounts, plus the option to set their own amount.

Smart Options pop-up

This Smart Options recurring upsell lets donors choose a monthly contribution that makes the most sense for them, and it has been overwhelmingly successful. Plus, all of your supporters will see the option to make a monthly contribution right on the form itself!

recurring ask on form

Our default tools make it easy to ask for recurring donations on Giving Tuesday without needing to add any extra capacity to your team or taking on any additional responsibilities. However, to make your Giving Tuesday fundraising plan even more impactful, consider adding a recurring pitch or recurring incentive to your AB Charities form! Both tools are easily accessible in the “Recurring settings” tab in the form editor.

Recurring settings tab

Your recurring pitch can emphasize what a recurring donation on Giving Tuesday would do for your 2022 goals – it’s always a good idea to let your donors know exactly why their support is so important to you!

recurring ask on form

Plus, recurring incentives are great for this time of year because your team can send out gifts to monthly donors as an end-of-year thank you! Or, wait to send your gifts until January to avoid the giving season-rush and celebrate the new year. Your donors will appreciate your gratitude, and you’ll gain dedicated supporters and a community that is even more engaged in your work.

recurring ask on form

The ongoing pandemic has made it more clear than ever that nonprofits need reliable long-term support in order to sustain their efforts. And on Giving Tuesday, people are going to be seeking out ways to make a big impact on their community – asking for recurring donations is a great way to give your supporters that opportunity! Reach out to your AB Charities contact or fill out this form to talk through your Giving Tuesday plan and ask any questions you may have about all of our recurring tools.

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