Donors who contribute on a monthly basis are the backbone of nonprofits and sustainable fundraising programs all across the country. In 2020, this principle was more accurate than ever: groups were plunged into a new digital-first world just as their communities needed them more than ever, and grassroots donors stepped up to contribute small amounts on a regular basis to their favorite local and national organizations. These recurring donations have proved to be vital to meeting budgets and extending relief, digital programs, and aid to communities all over the country. 

2021 is proving to be another year of change and unpredictability, so a strong base of recurring donors will be more important than ever. Whether you’re looking to turn your one-time donors into sustainers, you’re just stepping into the world of digital fundraising, or you’re looking to boost your existing recurring program, we have the data-driven tools you need for every step of the way!

Looking to expand your community of sustainers?

Whether you’re new to asking for recurring contributions or you’re looking to increase your base of monthly donors, we recommend trying our Smart Options recurring pop-up! You can find this option, along with all of our other recurring upsells and tools, in the “Recurring settings” tab of the form editor. After a one-time donation is processed, a donor will be asked to choose between multiple monthly donation amounts, all of which are smaller than the one-time amount they just gave. The pop-up will also give them the option to set their own monthly donation amount! 

recurring pitch

By using this data-driven tool, you’re meeting your community where they’re at and asking your supporters to get involved in a way that works for them. In other words, you’re starting out 2021 strong!

Want to explain to donors what your organization will do with their monthly support?

It’s best practice to talk directly to your donors on a variety of platforms, whether it be over email, on social media, or right on your contribution forms. For the latter, try out our recurring pitch tool! With recurring pitch enabled, you have the opportunity to tell your donors exactly why a monthly donation is the best way to support your organization right now. Your community wants to step up for your group – let them know they can help!

recurring pitch

Want to engage your Spanish-speaking supporters?

With so many nonprofit organizations providing essential services and relief to their communities, making sure your communications are accessible is vital. In the “Form customization” tab of the form editor, you can change all of the standard AB Charities-provided text on your contribution form to Spanish with a single click — including the default copy in our recurring pop-ups! If you have the time, we recommend writing your own custom text in Spanish on both your recurring upsell and your form, so you can explain why you need your supporters to pitch in right now. We’ll take care of the rest!

Looking to utilize your swag while most in-person events aren’t happening?

Take your recurring program up a notch and expand your community of monthly sustainers by adding a recurring incentive to your form. We give you the option to offer a free gift to new recurring donors – a great way to use your merchandise during the pandemic before it gets too out-of-date! Plus, these donors can enter their shipping information right on the form for a hassle-free giving experience.

recurring incentive

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