Nonprofit fundraisers like you invest a lot of time into grant writing, donor cultivation, and fundraising appeals. Our mission is to make online fundraising easy and accessible, so you can spend that time executing your mission!

1. What is AB Charities? 

We’re the arm of the ActBlue family that helps nonprofits build small-dollar fundraising programs with our easy-to-use online fundraising platform. Our mission is to help connect grassroots donors with the causes and campaigns they support, and work with charitable organizations and nonprofits to grow their fundraising base.

2. Why should I start raising money with AB Charities?

Public funding is often inconsistent, grant applications take up a lot of time and resources, and end-of-year fundraising is highly competitive. AB Charities is here year-round to support your fundraising program, and an online donation page meets your donors where they are by allowing them to give easily and securely. We’re excited to be part of your donor development strategy and help you raise non-restricted funds through our platform!

3. I’m new to the digital fundraising space. What kind of support can AB Charities provide?

We’re so excited to have you here! You can count on us to be a movement partner in this work. Our team of fundraising experts is always available to help you grow a powerful online fundraising program, so you don’t have to figure it out alone. We can also handle your donors’ customer service inquiries – all at no cost to you – so you can rest assured that you have a team of fundraising experts on your side.

4. How do I start an online fundraising page?

Once you’ve set up your AB Charities account, your default donation page is ready to customize! While editing, you can even view your form as different people: yourself, a first-time donor, a returning donor, or an ActBlue Express user. When you’re done customizing your fundraising page, you can publish and share the form link to begin getting donations.

5. How much does it cost to set up an AB Charities donation page?

We’re proud that all the same great tools come standard for every group that uses our platform. There’s just a 3.95% processing fee we pass along to the organization.

6. What kind of fundraising tools does AB Charities have available?

  • Monthly donations: Our recurring gift tools can kickstart your monthly sustainers’ program or boost your existing program. Simply activate one of these features to ask automatically.
  • Fundraising with partners: Our Tandem Fundraising feature allows organizations to fundraise for multiple groups, strengthening your partnerships with other organizations who are working alongside you in your issue area to maximize your support base and reach. 
  • Donor support: Monthly donors are often lost when their credit cards change. You don’t have to worry about that with our Account Updater integration, which automatically asks donors to update lost and expired credit cards used for recurring contributions made on AB Charities. 

7. How do I start a monthly donation program with AB Charities?

It’s as simple as activating the monthly donation tool you’ve chosen to support your donor cultivation cycle! You can ask donors to make a recurring contribution through a pop-up using our Pop-Up Recurring tool, write a custom pitch to highlight the recurring option on your donation page using the Recurring Pitch tool, or offer a gift through the Recurring Incentive tool as an added reason to support you in the long-term. Our Smart Recurring tool will even calculate a recurring ask amount based on the donor’s one-time donation amount.

8. What kind of integrations does AB Charities have with other CRMs?

You can easily integrate our digital fundraising tools into your fundraising program. We integrate with several CRMs, including Google Sheets™, Salsa, Blue State Digital, Trilogy, and ActionKit. We’re always looking to add more, and if there’s a platform we don’t have an integration with, we’d love to hear about it!

9. Will my donors be able to use AB Charities easily?

Your donors deserve to feel comfortable and safe using our online fundraising platform. One way we do this is by making it easy for your supporters to donate on their phones. Nearly half of all contributions given through our site are made via mobile devices, so all of our donation forms are mobile-optimized. 

We also know that donors like being able to save their payment information so they can easily give in the future on the AB Charities platform. With ActBlue Express, donors can securely save their personal and payment information and give with a single tap to any group that uses our tool. This results in a higher conversion rate, and thus more money for you and your cause.

10. How do I get started with AB Charities?

Get started by filling out our setup form today! All you need is your EIN, mailing address, and mission statement and we can get most groups set up and fundraising in a matter of days. If you have more questions about AB Charities, you can submit them here and one of our digital fundraising experts will be in touch with answers. We’re excited to start working with you and make big things happen

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